With our vision and unique point of view, our team works closely with you to assess your lifestyle and property.

The result? A tailor-made outdoor extension of your home that is truly yours and will grow with you – more so every season.

John de Lellis

Principal & Owner

John’s interest in all art forms and creative design fuels his ability to create unique landscapes. Educated in both art and design, John began his career as a youth, when he had the privilege of working for some notable New England gardeners. Digging in the dirt John learned early on that landscapes need more than sun and water to last; they require imagination, patience and healthy dose of fearlessness. Passionate about travel, his adventures keep his perspective fresh. From vision to creation, John’s hand is always on a shovel, bringing a clean and simple  aesthetic to multiple properties (while getting a lot of dirt on his boots along the way). Never stagnant or tired, John’s gardens are filled with life.


Our Trusted Collaborators

Like gardens, strong relationships don’t take root overnight. They require patience. Since its inception, John de Lellis Gardens has chosen to work with independent businesses and hardworking artisans who are the very best at what they do. Attentive and approachable, our team collaborates closely with us, and as a result, helps us tend to your specific needs.

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